Saturday, June 17, 2006

False alarm

If you want to give a present to the local police, don't leave it on the counter of a koban:
"Police in southern Japan closed off roads, evacuated residents and even brought in a bomb squad after spotting a suspicious box in a police station (...)

A bomb squad was rushed to the scene after an X-ray scan showed metallic cylinders inside the box. A local television station broadcast the incident live using helicopters(...)

But police found out the true contents after a woman, having seen the TV report, contacted them saying that she had left the cans of beer on Friday morning in return for receiving advice on home security."
Japan bomb squad mobilized over six-pack (Reuters - 2006/6/17)


replicant said...

Vincent, erg goed dat je terug blogt na je technische perikelen. Je nieuwsoverzichten zijn schitterend.

vincent said...

Dank voor je reactie. Het zal dus misschien dit formaat worden: nieuwsartikels aanhalen die me opvallen tijdens het surfen. Voorlopig is het dat. We zien wel.