Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese is so awful difficult. At my intermediate level I find it so difficult to find good textbooks and learning material. Some time ago I discovered 'Kodomo News' on the NHK1 (Saturday from 18h10 to 18h45). This is my level! That is Japanese I can understand. The program is really useful for intermediate learners: simple language, use of furigana and a lot of illustrations.

Watch for example how clearly they explain the recent curriculum scandal:

Or watch this about the correct use of keigo (敬語):


Part 2:

Wereldnet 31 oktober

Dinsdag was het wereldnet. Drie correspondenten: in India, in Nigeria en in Japan.

Ik heb iets verteld over de herfst in Japan en toerisme.

Audiobestand via de Wereldnetsite.