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Fujisan - 27 Jan



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The Moon - Jan 13


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Mt. Fuji - Jan 6



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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Short Interview

The Belgian News Radio 1 called on new Year's night for a short interview about New Year's celebrations in Japan

Osechi Ryori

Even after 16 years in Japan, this country doesn't stop to amaze me.
The company I work for during the weekends promised me osechi ryori as thanks for one year of good cooperation. Delivery was foreseen Dec 31. As nothing arrived and my company is closed for the holidays, I had to call directly the managing director. It turned out the food in itself was a present from a business relation (a hotel in Niigata) to my employer.
The business relation made a mistake. To make up for it, the number 2 of the hotel business firm left on New Year's night by car form Niigata to deliver personally to my home the food in time for breakfast.
I can't believe it. I feel sorry for the Niigata guy. But the food is delicious!

First Sunrise Of The Year - Rinko Park

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New Year 2014

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HIking to Sannoto (1205m)

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